Piano di Rustano Estate is situated in the Macerata highlands in a hilly area where the cold weather of Appenini Mountains, that cross the center of Italy, is partly mitigated by proximity of The Adriatic Sea.
The strong thermal excursions between day and night, typical features at the height of 400 m above sea level, affect the biological activity of the vine and hence on the quality of the wines produced.

Estate lands are used not only for producing wine and honey but for traditional agricolture as well.. We produce an olive oil of excellent quality.
There are several wooded areas and a part of the estate is cultivated with walnut and cherry trees.
It is worth telling the story of the oldest estate Vineyard, about 70 years old and made up with an ancient variety of malvasia. It is located on a hilltop in a airy and sunny position on a sandy and permeable ground, ideal conditions that have made possible such longevity for malvasia Vineyard.

Because of 1,65 m distance between one row and the other, entry of tractors is not allowed. Therefore, all processes are carried out exclusively by hand: from the collection of pruned branches to copper and sulfur treatments, from the cut of the grass to the harvest which is realized with the help of workers who carry grapes by hand, up to the top of the rows and then grapes are loaded by tractors.
The cellar is set on the ground floor of the Piano di Rustano building where Lebboroni family has lived for 4 generations.

With its about 350 sqm the cellar is divided into crushing room, winemaking room, aging room and barrel room. Throughout the year when crushing room is not used for its main purpose, It turns into a small conference room, where exhibitions and cultural events take place somehow.
By the way, In the cellar there is a permanent pictures exhibition regarding the story of Lebboroni family.

In an annex is located an other winemaking and aging room to produce both wine and honey.
There is salso a wine shop where it is allowed to do tastings and to purchase our wines in bulk or bottled