Bevanda aromatizzata a base di vino e miele



ESSENTIA is born at the precise moment when honey is added to the fermenting must. From this moment the yeasts, which play an important role in the alcoholic fermentation, start eating sugars in both honey and must indiscriminately. This is how all the hints of Malvasia wine change, enriched by the extraordinary variety of aromas and aromas of wildflower honey, also collected on the Estate.
The final product, dry but with light hints of honey in the aftertaste, complex and unique because it is covered by a patent, is the excellence of the Piano di Rustano Estate. Golden yellow. The nose is intense and complex. The soft aroma of malvasia is enriched by the sweet and floral aromas of wildflower honey. Good freshness, soft and balanced, sapid and persistent, with a pleasant hint of honey that emerges in the final part in a unique enveloping sensation like the type of product.
Its great balance between soft and dry makes ESSENTIA excellent as an aperitif, for meditation, with sweet and sour dishes and for refined combinations with meat or fish dishes. Pork fillet with speck and bay leaves.


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